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Hop inside a colourful 15-person boat for a gentle cruise through the enchanting realm of Disney's Storybook Land. As you gracefully make your way past hills and through valleys, discover a dazzling assortment of charming homes and villages from classic Disney movies, beautifully rendered in miniature scale.<br /><br />Along your quest, keep an eye out for the following intricately replicated settings, complete with imaginative landscaping, charming music and special lighting effects:<br /><br />The dwarfs' mine and house from <a title="Snow White" href="https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/entertainment/disneyland-park/snow-white/">Snow White</a> and the Seven Dwarfs<br />The gingerbread house from Babes in the Woods<br />Rapunzel's high tower with a braid hanging out of the window, from Tangled<br />The Old Mill<br />Prince Eric's seaside castle from The Little Mermaid<br />The Greek temple and Mount Olympus from Fantasia<br />Snow-covered landscapes from Peter and the Wolf<br />The "Night on Bald Mountain" scene from Fantasia<br />The Cave of Wonders from <a title="Aladdin" href="https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/entertainment/disneyland-park/aladdin/">Aladdin</a>, which swallows the boats<br />A scene from The Sword in the Stone<br />Belle's village and the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast<br />The Emerald City and the Witch's Castle from The Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz
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