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Get your little treasure hunters ready for a trek they'll never forget. From the eerie gloom of Skull Rock to the stunning landscape of Spyglass Hill, there are secrets and stories to uncover at every turn. At Adventure Isle keep a watchful eye on what's ahead as danger lurks beneath crisscrossing suspension bridges, beside narrow pathways and within spooky caves. Following the map of the Adventure Isle and deciphering the mind-boggling smugglers' runs rewards you with spectacular daytime views of the whole land. And after nightfall, hanging lanterns supply an altogether different feel.     

One Island with Two Very Different Sides

The North
Castaway for a minute or two and discover a shipwreck, a network of dark caves and the Swiss Family Treehouse.   

The South
A more rocky landscape than the north, this is where Pirate Galleon is moored. And you better hope X does mark the spot, as there be buried treasure on these here shores. Arrr!


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