Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril Data from 10:30 PM
Sent to investigate what happened to an earlier expedition, you soon discover something is far from normal in the Temple of Peril. The base camp is deserted of people yet full of their clothes, food and equipment. A sudden exit seems likely. But why? Above the swaying canopies stands a temple ruin, below your feet is a well-trodden path.

As you meander your way through dense undergrowth, stone snake sculptures (yes snakes!) jump out and stare menacingly at you. A faint rumble and screaming can be heard in the distance. 'You're getting closer', whispers the breeze.

The Search Picks Up Speed
After clambering to the Temple of Peril entrance you board a railed vehicle, hoping it will lead you to the missing expedition party. The rickety cart climbs a chain lift to the top of the excavation site. You look for signs of life, but before you can catch your breath a mysterious force sends the cart into an out-of-control spiral of twists and turns through the darkest corners of this cursed ruin. Forget finding your friends, you're going to need all the courage of Indiana Jones to get out alive!


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Interruption started at 9:00 AM and solved at 9:45 AM.
Interruption started at 10:40 AM and solved at 10:45 AM.
Interruption started at 8:45 PM and solved at 8:50 PM.

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