Hyperspace Mountain Data from 12:55 AM
Hurtle through hyperspace while dodging furious dogfights during this high-speed Star Wars adventure—now open for a limited time!

Your mission begins with a briefing from Admiral Ackbar: the Rebel Alliance needs help flying reconnaissance vessels to survey one of the Imperial Empire’s Star Destroyers. After being escorted into hyperspace by an elite X-wing squadron, you arrive only to find the Star Destroyer waiting with a swarm of TIE fighters—it’s a trap!

As Rebel forces valiantly battle Imperial vessels, you’re caught up in a barrage of blaster fire. Maneuvers become more intense as you join the Rebel squadron for one final, courageous assault on the menacing Star Destroyer. It’s an epic Star Wars combat scene taken straight from the films—but hurry, Hyperspace Mountain is only open for a limited time!

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