Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar Data from 11:55 PM
Step into the minds of Walt Disney Imagineers to see how “blue-sky” ideas turn into reality—from concept to completion.

Now Showing: Pixar Pier

Check out fascinating sketches, paintings and 3D models to gain a better understanding of how artists, architects and engineers at Walt Disney Imagineering designed the newly reimagined Pixar Pier using classic seaside boardwalks of California as sources of inspiration.

You’ll also learn a little more about the themed attractions, entertainment and eclectic characters that populate the 4 distinct neighborhoods of Pixar Pier.

Blue Sky Cellar highlights include:

  • A Behind-the-Scenes Presentation – Gather around to watch a short video about the Walt Disney Imagineering creative process.
  • A Pixar Pier Land Model – Inspect a scale land model created by the Walt Disney Imagineering Model Shop.
  • An Interactive Roller Coaster – Delve into the science behind attractions as you interact with a working roller coaster model, dispatching coaster trains just like a real ride operator.
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